National Stabilizers, Inc. a local Southern California Based Food Stabilizer Manufacturer…established in 1975, they have  a Proud Reputation.

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The Reason For Stabilizers in Food...

  • Maintain Consistency in Food Products
  • Use as a Thickening Agent
  • Add Smoothness & Creaminess
  • Keep Ingredients from Separating

The Reason For Stabilizers in Cosmetics...

  • Blends oil and water into Lotions
  • Thickens Shampoo
  • Combines Cleaning and Conditioning Ingredients
  • Controls Touch & Feel after Application

The Solution...

Stabilizers such as:  Agar, Guar, Pectin, Carrageenan, Vegetable Gums and Gelatin – are obtained from various Natural Plant and Animal Sources.

So Many Options to Consider… Application is everything!

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