Our Soft Serve Mix is supplied to International Customers in a powder form. The Powder is blended with water to make the Liquid Mix. The mouth feel is Amazing

This Premium Soft Serve Mix is available in Vanilla or pre-flavored!

ACF’s Premium Soft Serve Mix is easily flavored with our  Concentrated Favor Extracts formulated especially for Soft Ice Cream Mix & Frozen Yogurt Mix.

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Blending A Soft Ice Cream Mix:

To make Soft Serve Ice Cream,  Frozen Yogurt, Gelato or Sorbet, you need a Soft Serve Freezer  (Contact Us for more Information.)

  • Soft Ice Cream Mix is supplied in a Powder Form. The Mix is complete.
  • You blend with water. 
  • You may add Milk to increase the Quality.
  • The International Standard Blend is 3 Pounds ( 1.36 kg) of Mix, blended with 1 Gallon of Water (3.78 liter).
  • You may increase the Quality by decreasing the water quantity. 
  • The Yield of Liquid Mix for 3 pounds of powder is 5 Liters.
  • Our Mix is formulated to be stiff on the cone. This allows for ease of dispensing and slow melting.
  • Custom Pack Size is available to meet Your Operational needs.
  • The Larger the Pack Size – the Lower the Cost.
  • In some Markets we add Vitamins and Minerals to fortify the Nutritional Value of the Mix. (Contact Us for more Information)
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