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We are committed to bringing the International Markets, only the Finest Flavors and Ingredients

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Contact ACF –  Review the primary objective; zero in on the Flavor or Ingredients; Create a Sample Request.

  • We are Happy to Match an existing Flavor Concentrate for you.

  • Flavors Concentrates are available in Liquid or Spray-dried.

  • Natural, Natural & Artificial or Artificial.

  • Custom Formulation, Organic, Kosher or Halal Certification are available upon request.

You may request up to 5 Flavors to Sample.  Tell us what you need. We will supply you the solution.

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™GOLD COAST Ingredients, Inc. is a Kosher Certified company, utilizing two Kosher organizations:

* Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

KOF – K Kosher Supervision

Halal – ISA Halal (Islamic Services of America)

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

International Featured Standards (IFS)

  • For Dry Mix Manufacturing, Powders certainly provide easy scaling, low water content and general disbursement by ‘Dry Blending’.

  • In Non Dry Mixes, oil or water based LIQUIDS can provide easy disbursement and easy volume measuring.

  • To some, Liquid is favorable, considering that most flavor components, begin in liquid form.

First let’s briefly understand what is meant by Concentrated…

  • “That which is considered many times stronger than an average strength Product. (Note: other-than, Pure Vanilla Extract & Pure Oils, there are NO Government Specifications regulating how a company may determine or evaluate a, strength or level, of concentration.)

  • For example, a Gallon of Ten Fold Vanilla will flavor as much Product as – Ten Gallons of Single Fold Vanilla.

  • Gold Coast manufactures Concentrated Flavors for Food Processing companies.

  • Flavor: A Product that gives TASTE or ENHANCES Flavor in an existing Product, other than Flavor Oils, Essences & Botanicals.

    It may contain water,Propylene Glycol; Alcohol.

  • Extract: A Flavor whose predominant Solvent is Alcohol.

  • Emulsion: A Flavor whose COMPONENTS have been ‘dispersed and encapsulated’ in either a Gum or Starch suspension.

  • W.O.N.F.: A Natural Flavor that has been enhanced ‘With Other Natural Flavors’.

  • Artificial: Denotes a Product whose COMPONENTS are derived from a synthetic process.

  • Natural and Artificial: A BLEND that combines both Natural and Synthetic  products by predominance.  Also ‘NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL’.

  • Natural: A Product in which ALL COMPONENTS come from Natural Sources.  Also W.O.N.F.

  • Spray Dried: A UNIFORM Encapsulated Flavor System, that offers extended shelf stability.

Natural W.O.N.F., an Alternative

  • With Other Natural Flavors, W.O.N.F.’s can be a method of obtaining the best value in Natural Flavors.

  • ‘Direct Concentrates’ of some of the more delicate or subtle Flavors like Blueberry, Strawberry or Raspberry, can get quite expensive and require special handling.

  • W.O.N.F.’s on the other hand, allow you to obtain a NATURALLY stronger Flavor without the use of Artificial Enhancers, providing you with the luxury of “ALL NATURAL” in flavoring your Product.

Natural, Artificial  or Natural and Artificial

  • In addition to the desired result you want in your Product, your Product Specifications and Labeling may also play a part  in determining your Flavoring Requirements.

Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc. is a Manufacturer of Flavors and Colors, selling only to the Wholesale Segment of the Food Industry.  The Company does not sell Products or provide Flavors and/or Color Samples to the General Public.  ACF has been a Distributer & Sales Representative for 20+ years.

  • Our Staff will prepare the proper Documentation for your International Shipments. 

  • We provide our Customers with Export and Transportation Logistics when required.

  • We understand the importance of Customer Service and Support.

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