Reconditioned Equipment vs New?

Reconditioned Equipment

  •  Frequently our customers ask for reconditioned equipment.
  •  This allows them to test new concepts while minimizing their investment.
  • We can locate good equipment and have it reconditioned for your use.

ACF maintains relationships with processing plant fabricators.

– We can arrange for you to work with the leading food processing plant fabricators in the US.

-They can supply you with a state of the art processing plant or an additional processing line.

When the US processing plants are expanded for more capacity, functional processing lines become available for a small fraction of the replacement cost.

– These surplus processing lines are an ideal investment for the International food processor.

New Equipment

  • ACF has been instrumental in the Development and Certification of a Collection of Soft Serve Freezers.  Meeting the highest demands of  the international Marketplace.
  • Batch Freezers – to Make Hard Ice Cream
  • Granada Machines – to Blend your Frozen Beverages
  • Cappuccino/Espresso Machine
  • Bubble Tea Dispenser
  • Shake Blenders
  • Display Cabinets
  • Dipping Cabinets
  • Frost Top Freezers
  • Ice Cream Parlor Equipment
  • Donut Machines
  • Restaurant & Deli Equipment
  • We have supplied equipment to all parts of the, in all voltages.

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