AMERICAN CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT - One of the primary goals of ACF is to develop American Style Food Concepts in the international marketplace. We assist our customers in establishing full branded concepts. We also help business's add American Style products to their existing operation.

BROAD PRODUCT LINE - Our product line extends to a wide range of food products directed to retail sales and commercial production. This product line includes ice cream, soft serve, donut, cake, muffin, bread, breading, batter, pancake, sweet dough, pizza, drinks, and beverage mixes.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND DIRECTION - Our product line extends into the commercial segment. Processing American Style products may require unique techniques to produce the desired product. Our experts will provide the technical direction to the processor as needed. This will be accomplished through written technical guides, recipes and on-site visits as needed.

MERCHANDISING MATERIALS - Our product line extends into the retail segment. To assist the retail operator, we have merchandising posters, promotional material and a merchandising guide available. Customers purchase with their eyes and our merchandising materials will stimulate impulse purchases.

CUSTOMER REFERRAL - We often get request for products from small operators. When we ship small orders, freight and handling are quite expensive. We prefer to supply from a local distributor who has inventory and purchases in full containers.

TECHNICAL SALES TRAINING - To be successful in selling products that require additional processing, it is necessary to understand the process. Our technical sales guide for each product provides the product features, benefits and processing procedure.

RETAIL SALES TRAINING - A retail store must know how to sell the products they have. When adding an American Style product, it is necessary to understand why the product is successful in America. They need to know the proper way to prepare and present the product. They need to know how to sell the product. Our Retail Sales Guide will give them the technique and proven method of American Sales. They can make the necessary adjustments to fit their culture.

BRANDED PROGRAM SUPPORT - America's Classic Foods is developing their brand throughout Asia and other International Markets. Although our product can be produced with our customers private label, our focus is to provide ACF branded products. We have signage and merchandising materials that support our brand.

TRADE SHOW SUPPORT - We enjoy participating in major trade shows to support the local sales. We expect to be present and display in six or more trade shows again in 2001.

To learn more about how America's Classic Foods can assist you in developing new business in your local market, contact one of our Agents or our International Marketing Office:

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