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World famous Ice Cream expert has developed a "turnkey" business opportunity for individual and/or small groups to enter the highly profitable ice cream business. The expert is a former executive of the largest internationally famous ice cream chain. You can have a manufacturing operation and multiple outlets for less investment than a single franchise store will cost. You will produce the same quality hard pack premium ice cream as the global giants.

The start-up package includes equipment and ingredients to manufacture, display and serve more than 100 flavors of hard ice cream, ice cream desserts, shakes and sundaes. With the initial supply of ingredients, you can produce 100,000 servings, (114 grams) of quality ice cream. Our mix is complete. It is high in fat to produce the richness of the finest American-made ice creams. We supply our mix in a dry form that allows lower shipping cost, less waste and no refrigerated storage. You blend the dry mix with water.

America's Classic Foods provides you with everything you need. You can produce ice cream or sorbet for retail ice cream dipping stores, or packaged ice cream for retail grocery store sales. The production equipment will support five to ten retail dipping stores. We supply ingredients and technology designed to produce American Style Ice Creams, such as Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, and Ben & Jerry's.  

We supply equipment, mixes, flavors, add-in ingredients, packaging and support. We provide onsite technical direction, setup and training on how to produce quality ice cream. 

Investment - Contact ACF to have a detailed concept developed for you.

Production Features
You will make ice cream in a batch freezer yielding 19 liters (20 quarts) at a time. This is 90 servings at 114 grams (4 oz). The batch freezer will produce three batches of ice cream per hour (270 servings). Each batch can be a different flavor. You will produce all flavors from our neutral or our chocolate mix.

Site Preparation
The site preparation, electrical, plumbing, counters, work tables or leasehold improvements are not included in this package. We will provide layout plans and recommend decoration for the retail area. The package will include:

Retail Presentation
Display - dipping cabinet, Dessert display case, Topping & syrup rail, Shake & mix-in blender, Scoops & spades, Signage, Waffle cone baker, Serving Cups (foam)

Mix Preparation
Ultraviolet water filtering system, Custom mix blending system, Mix storage containers & lids, Double door refrigerator, Storage shelves, Scale, buckets, small wares.

Ice Cream Production
Batch freezer, Low temp hardening freezer, Bulk packaging tubs, Dessert molds, Supplies & small wares.

Food Ingredients
Ice cream mix, Flavors, extracts & colors, Candy & cookie pieces, Nuts & chocolate chips, Aseptic packed fruit, Fudge & caramel ribbon, Strawberry & raspberry ribbon, Sundae toppings, Shake syrup, Waffle cone mix.

ACF Premium Hard Ice Cream Mix
Our Premium Hard Ice Cream Mix is the best complete powdered ice cream in the world today. It was developed through years of research, trail and consumer evaluation. This mix was designed for use in international countries where the dairy supply is not consistent or suitable for ice cream production. The powdered mix is complete. It is blended with water to create a rich, high fat, high solids liquid mix for producing ice cream. This mix can be used to make ice cream in batch freezers or continuous freezers. Our Premium Hard Ice Cream Mix is package in 22.7 kg triple paper, poly lined bags. This mix is available in pre-flavored Vanilla, Chocolate and unflavored Neutral. The neutral mix is easily flavored with our line of concentrated flavor extracts developed especially for hard ice cream. By using our Premium Hard Ice Cream Mix, Flavor Extracts and technical direction, quality dipping ice cream can be produced that will rival the product served in world famous ice cream parlors. This product is currently being used throughout Asia and Russia. One bag of mix will yield 590 servings that are 100 grams each.

ACF Hard Ice Cream Mix Base - Add Cream
A complete ice cream base mix for use with a local source of heavy cream. Our base is blended with the fresh cream and water to make a world standard ice cream. The butter fat will range from 10% to 14% depending on the quantity of water and cream used. The yield per bag is 850 servings at 100 grams each.

ACF Custom Mix Formulations
America's Classic Foods maintains a product development laboratory with staff Food Technologist and Chemist with fifty years collective experience in developing soft and hard ice cream mix. We understand the small taste sensitivities of different cultures. We can adjust or modify our mix to meet the desire of you and your customers, normally without affecting the product cost.

More than Mix
Our managers and staff are frequent travelers to most international markets. We offer on-site support as needed as well as support from our international headquarters in Los Angeles. We believe that selling ice cream is a fun business as well as being a very profitable business. We want you to be successful and we want your retail operations to be successful. We are committed to assisting you and have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

To learn more about how America's Classic Foods can assist you in developing new business in your local market, contact one of our Agents or our International Marketing Office:

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