Gold Coast Flavors America's Classic Foods represents Gold coast Ingredients for global sales.  You can be assured that you will receive all documentation required for customs clearance.  We can match your current flavors.  Our costs are very competitive.  You will deal directly with the flavor manufacturer and eliminate local distributors or other middlemen.  We can satisfy all your flavor needs.

Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc. is committed to bringing you the finest flavors and food products at a fair value, delivered with service that is unsurpassed in promptness, courtesy and consistency. Flavors are available in liquid, powder form, or spray dried, natural, natural and artificial or artificial. Custom formulation and kosher certification available upon request. All of our liquid products are available in quarts, single gallons, five gallon pails and fifty-five gallon drums. Powders are available in twenty-five pound boxes, fifty, one hundred, and two hundred pound drums. 

Powders or Liquid?

Here is a debate that may never have an end but does provide some specific points. Certainly each of us may have a personal preference as to which is easier or better. However, in some applications there are definitely some advantages or disadvantages. For dry mix manufacturing, powders certainly provide easy scaling, low water content and general disbursement by dry blending. In non dry mixes, oil or water based liquids can provide easy disbursement and easy volume measuring. To some, liquid is favorable, considering that most flavor components begin in liquid form. 

Concentrated or Non Concentrated Flavors?

First let's briefly understand what is meant by concentrated - that which is considered many times stronger than an average strength product. (Note: other than pure vanilla extract and pure oils there are no government specifications regulating how a company may determine or evaluate a strength or level of concentration.)  For example, a gallon of ten fold vanilla will flavor as much product as ten gallons of single fold vanilla. A gallon of eighteen fold vanilla equals eighteen gallons of single fold vanilla in flavoring potential. 

What is Value?

Value means much more than a low price and it should be more than just getting what you pay for. Our company is dedicated to value. Value should include an unfailing quality at a competitive price with performance when and where you need it most. A product priced cheaper does not always mean better value. Sometimes a few cents more per batch can yield a superior finished product resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Never the less, always examine the quality, the performance and the true end price which is determined by your usage level. 

Natural WONF an Alternative

With Other Natural Flavors, W.O.N.F.'s can be a method of obtaining the best value in natural flavors. Direct concentrates of some of the more delicate or subtle flavors like Blueberry, Strawberry or Raspberry can get quite expensive and require special handling. W.O.N.F.'s on the other hand allow you to obtain a naturally stronger flavor without the use of artificial enhancers, providing you with the luxury of "ALL NATURAL" in flavoring your product. 

Artificial, Natural or Natural and Artificial

In addition to the desired result you want in your product, your product specifications and labeling may also play a part of determining your flavoring requirements. Other variables include: direct cost, the strength or subtlety noticed in the finished product, heat stability, etc. This may seem complicated, but skilled professionals working together can simplify this process. GOLD COAST Ingredients, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the exact flavor you need for your product.


Flavor: A product that gives taste or enhances flavor in an existing product,
 other than flavor oils, essences and botanicals. It may contain water,
 propylene glycol, alcohol, etc.

Extract: A flavor whose predominant solvent is alcohol.

Emulsion: A flavor whose components have been dispersed and encapsulated
 in either a gum or starch suspension.

W.O.N.F.: A natural flavor that has been enhanced With Other Natural Flavors.

Artificial: Denotes a product whose components are derived from synthetic process.

Artificial and Natural: A blend that combines both synthetic and natural
 products by predominance. Also NATURAL & ARTIFICIAL.

Natural: A product in which all components come from natural sources.
 Also W.O.N.F.

Spray Dried: A uniform encapsulated flavor system that offers extended
 shelf stability.

Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc. is a manufacturer of flavors and colors selling only to the wholesale segment of the food industry.  The company does not sell products or provide flavors and/or color samples to the general public.


GOLD COAST Ingredients, Inc. is a Kosher Certified company utilizing two Kosher organizations:

America's Classic Foods represents Gold coast Ingredients for global sales.

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

KOF - K Kosher Supervision

KOF - K Kosher Supervision


All products are available Kosher Parve or Dairy.

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