Most of the concepts that America's Classic Foods presents to their International clients require specific equipment. The equipment industry in the United States has grown to develop quality and functional equipment. The restaurant and food service industry requires the manufactures to build equipment that is functional, efficient and sanitary.

The US is the leader in specialized food service equipment. ACF has developed an International Dealer relationship with the US equipment manufacturers. We are able to provide the equipment required for the concepts that we offer. Because our business is products and marketing, equipment is provided as a service. We are able to provide deep discounts from the USA list price on equipment. We feel we are your most competitive source for food service equipment.


We have taken the quality standards used by U.S. manufacturers and arranged for manufacturers to make some of our more popular equipment. This allows us to offer equipment made to our specifications for less than half the cost in the U.S.A. We are constantly working to bring quality and cost efficient equipment to our customers.

We can supply a single piece or enough equipment to fill a fast food restaurant. Our design staff will work with you to provide a design and layout that provides you with the most efficient operation possible. Our design department will also create a themed store design to fit your desires.

Frequently our customers ask for reconditioned equipment. This allows them to test new concepts while minimizing their investment. We can locate good equipment and have it reconditioned for your use. 

ACF maintains relationships with processing plant fabricators.  

We can arrange for you to work with the leading food processing plant fabricators in the US. They can supply you with a state of the art processing plant or an additional processing line. When the US processing plants are expanded for more capacity, functional processing lines become available for a small fraction of the replacement cost. These surplus processing lines are an ideal investment for the International food processor.


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