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Frozen Cappuccino - The Frozen Cappuccino and Fruit Smoothie popularity continues its phenomenal growth this year. Initiated by Starbucks Frappuccino and Juice Clubs, the sales have increased tremendously. More important, the popularity of this cool refreshing drink is expanding into new territories. Seldom does a product come along that offers the profitability for a distributor that is still available with Frozen Cappuccino and Fruit Smoothie Drinks. Someone in your market will supply the retail stores with this product. They may already be supplying it. The retail operator's primary purchase motivation is cost and profit. We have a program that gives you a cost advantage over other suppliers.

Taste the product.  Customers love it!  Look at the demographics of who is drinking these products. High School Students, College Students, Professionals, Technical Workers, and Active Men and Women consume Frozen Cappuccino and Fruit Smoothie's regularly. Frozen Cappuccino and Fruit Smoothie's have created a following of the Generation X group and their Yuppie parents. Frozen Cappuccino and Fruit Smoothie's have become the social drink of choice in the Western and Eastern border states. The awareness and popularity are growing. Once a consumer tastes it, they are hooked and will make repeat purchases. Once a retail operator tries' it, they see the sales opportunities and begin serving it.

We manufacture our mix. We pack our Cappuccino Mix in a ten-bag case, three and one half pounds each. We ship direct to you. We are not supporting a local sales rep to call on you. We are not spending money in trade journals to attract you. We are providing you with what you want . . . Quality & Profit at a Low Cost.

Smoothie's . . . Smoothie's . . . and more Smoothie's

Today, "Smoothies" mean ice blended with fruit, juice and Smoothie Powder. The popularity has grown quickly and retailers that offer the Frozen Cappuccinos are selling Fruit Smoothie's. We have been making Smoothie Powder for years. By adding one scoop of our Smoothie Powder, this cool refreshing and healthy drink will have the texture and smoothness of a milkshake. The retail operator uses the same blender for the Fruit Smoothie as they use for the Frozen Cappuccino Drink. The retail operator's double their opportunity for new business by offering both drinks. You can double your profit opportunities by offering both products.

Our Yogurt Smoothie Powder is designed to make your fruit and juice drinks have a smooth and creamy mouth-feel and a delightful taste. We add real yogurt to enhance the nutritional benefits and compliment the fruit. Our smoothie mix is packed in a twelve bag case, three pounds each.


Case weight 35 lbs

Bags per case 10 foil bags

Bag size 3.5 lbs

Servings per bag 17

Servings per case 180

Case cube 1 cu ft


Case weight 36 lbs

Bags per case 12 poly bags

Bag size 3 lbs

Servings per bag 30

Servings per case 360

Case cube 1 cu ft

Recipe - Frozen Cappuccino Drinks
Put 2 scoops Cappuccino Mix, fill a 16 oz cup 3/4 full with water or cold coffee and add to blender, fill a 16 oz cup 3/4 full with ice and add to blender, Blend until smooth and creamy, about 15 seconds. Use less ice for chilled drink.

Recipe - Frozen Fruit Smoothie Drinks
Put 1 scoop Smoothie Mix; add 4 oz Juice to blender, 3.5 oz Fruit to blender, add 6 oz Ice to blender, Blend until smooth and creamy, about 15 seconds.

Measure ice and liquid into serving size cup and pour into the blender. Add Cappuccino or Smoothie Mix. Begin blending on low speed and advance to high speed until the drink is smooth. To prepare the serving cup for Cappuccino Drinks, add a ring of chocolate syrup inside the cup, about 1" from the top. Pour the blended drink into the cup. Add whipped cream to the top of the drink.

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